CHARITY project - Webinar #6: Architecting Collaborative Experiences: A Journey in MR Applications Development


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The upcoming webinar on XR application development from CHARITY will dive deep into the world of XR application development and some of its architectural challenges. Two presentations will be featured, covering different aspects of XR application development. The first presentation discusses the challenges of transitioning a flight simulator from an on-premises environment to a cloud-based one, focusing on the issue of latency, resolution and frame-rate variations and strategies to dynamically adapt applications to the environment. The second presentation explores the development of a multiplayer game using the Entity-Component-System (ECS) architecture for XR mobile games. Both presentations cover the technical and architectural considerations of building XR applications that can accommodate real-time collaboration and performance requirements. Attendees will gain insights into the design and implementation of XR applications and best practices for addressing common challenges in XR development.

Join us to learn how to stay ahead of the curve.

The webinar will have the following agenda:

 - Introduction (Massimiliano Corsini - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche): 10 min
 - From on-premise to on-cloud – accommodating latency and uncertainty in an XR Flight Simulator (Michael McElligott - Collins Aerospace):  25min
 - XR Mobile Multiplayer Game utilizing ECS (Entity-Component-System) (Zbyszek, Ledwon - Orbital Knight):  20min
 - Q&A: 10min

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