CHARITY project - Webinar #4: Future Forward Holographic Applications


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We are back for another webinar where the CHARITY project will share its insights and technology behind its Holographic use cases.

For many years holography has been seen as a transformative technology set to change how we interact. Join us for an exciting webinar on the present and future of holography. CHARITY project will present a glimpse into the vision and road ahead of it.


(Part One)

- Introduction to CHARITY and its holographic topics /exploring use-cases, 15'


Roxana Bocancea - Sales Director of Holograma3D

(Part Two)
- Deep dive into the holograms world, including a video demonstration, 20'


 Raquel Sertaje – Head of Sales at Real Fiction

- Deep dive into next-generation Holographic 3D technology and the Holographic Assistant use case, 25'


 Enrico Zschau - Head of Software Engineering and IT at SeeReal Technologies GmbH

(Part Three)

- Discussion and Q&A, 15'

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