Newsletter #2 - Innovating in the field of next-gen applications

Q2 2021

CHARITY project has submitted one of the first technical project deliverables 'D1.2 - Reference scenarios, use cases and requirements' .

D1.2 deliverable presents the use cases (UCs), reference scenarios and their requirements for CHARITY. The UCs, seven in total, are subdivided into three main categories, namely a) Real-time Holographic Applications, b) Immersive Virtual Training and c) Mixed Reality Interactive Applications. The CHARITY project aims to impact these research areas by providing a platform tailored to accommodate relevant applications and suitable to support their innovative features.

To be able to efficiently design the CHARITY platform, a deep understanding of these UCs functionalities is required. To accomplish this, certain aspects of every UC were presented on a weekly basis for six months. In these meetings, UC owners provided details regarding the current as well as the envisioned UC workflows that support CHARITY. A refined summary of these presentations is described in the deliverable D1.2. There, for each UC, a list of potential reference scenarios is also provided along with sequence diagrams that help comprehend the interactions between the UC components and the CHARITY platform. Aspects regarding the privacy and security of data, transmitted through CHARITY platform, are addressed in a separate section per UC. Moreover, the impact of deploying these UC applications within CHARITY platform is highlighted as well as the challenges imposed by this project.

To better understand these challenges and successfully tackle them, a list of potential use case functional and non-functional requirements as well as a list of general-purpose requirements was assembled. These lists are indicative of the capabilities that the project should provide to accommodate the envisioned UCs and support similar ones. Therefore, these findings are guidelines that will help to effectively design and optimize the CHARITY architecture and components. This further highlights the importance of D1.2 deliverable that will be used as a reference point for the design and deployment tasks of other technical activities.

In this second newsletter, CHARITY consortium takes the opportunity to present two use cases: 

1) Holographic Concert (Use Case 1-1)

2) Collaborative Gaming (Use Case 3-1)

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