Newsletter #4 - Creating new business opportunities for all Europeans in the field of immersive communication applications

Q4 2021


CHARITY project organised its first Project Webinar on 30th November 2021 where Fermin Calvo (SM2 by PLEXUS), CHARITY's Communication Manager, guided the audience through the event which included the following speaker panel:

  • CHARITY Project Introduction (Uwe Herzog - Eurescom)
  • CHARITY Project Architecture (Tarik Taleb - ICT-Ficial)
  • VR Medical Training Use Case (Antonis Protopsaltis - OramaVR)
  • Collaborative Gaming Use Case (Zbyszek Ledwoń - Orbital Knight)

The next project webinar is coming soon. Follow CHARITY's social media accounts to stay up to date!


The CHARITY project takes the opportunity to present the seventh Use Case: Holographic Meetings.


  • Uwe Herzog as coordinator of the CHARITY Project presented at "Success Stories and Use Cases from the European Cloud Community" session of H-Cloud Summit 2021 the CHARITY's holographic assistant use case.
  • Antonios Makris from Harokopio University of Athens presented at the 10th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (CloudNet) a joint paper from the CHARITY consortium where he discussed the vision and research directions of CHARITY.
  • Luis Cordeiro from OneSource presented at the International Symposium on 6G Networking in Lisbon the future of XR Services, their upcoming network and computing challenges and the role of 6G in addressing them.

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