H-Cloud Newsletter - CHARITY project: Towards achieving immersive communication

CHARITY project is a major step towards achieving immersive communication. There is a global trend to adopt virtual solutions, e.g. Virtual Reality or Holography, to support day-to-day business operations, social events, and general lifestyle. This trend has grown heavily due to the current pandemic and with the corresponding shift from physical to virtual communication. We have an excellent consortium of 15 organisations from 10 European countries ready to make it happen.

Two out of seven Use Cases will be exposed below:

Holographic Concert Scenario

Use Case 1-1: With over two decades of experience, Avcom Entertainment (HOLO3D) is a provider of unique 3D holographic display solutions for retail, expos and brand activations.

CHARITY targets a holographic live concert use case, framed within the Real-Time Holographic Application Use Case, adopting the basic optics principles of reflection and refraction of light along with streaming and synchronization services to project a real-size 3D hologram of a live artist or band on a stage in front of the audience.

Powered by CHARITY’s platform capabilities, this technology will offer musicians a way to connect with their audience even if they are each in a different location. The performers will be able to see their audience on a screen and react in real time.


Collaborative Gaming

Use Case 3-1: Orbital Knight will provide one of the Use Cases for CHARITY project i.e. mobile multiplayer game utilising AR (Augmented Reality) technology. This is one of the Use Cases envisioned within Mixed Reality Interactive Applications.

Our goal is to develop a highly immersive multiplayer AR game. In order to provide players with sufficient immersion, we will develop a dedicated multiplayer engine which will be able to synchronize all dynamic game objects along with user’s states throughout end devices. The overall solution we propose is based on a client- server architecture. The solution requires the infrastructure to provide key features: very low network latency and efficient resource discovery service, a trusted infrastructure (cloud/edge) to support Game Server from dishonest player’s breaches.

Orbital Knight’s ambition is to explore the potential of AR multiplayer games in the worldwide mobile games market. Orbital Knight is willing to research and identify the type and features of AR multiplayer game that has the most market potential.

We are also planning to use 3D Point Cloud technology in order to enrich gameplay and strengthen player’s immersion, exploring CHARITY 3D Point Cloud support. It will use built-in device cameras’ capabilities to provide input and use the output data to mix the real and virtual environments. AR game development technology that allows simulating physics based on the collision of virtual objects with the real environment using the 3D Point Cloud will allow us to create innovative games.

CHARITY project will help us improve our multiplayer engine and AR game development technology with physics based simulation in both virtual and real environment. Our goals for this project are to optimise and advance our multiplayer engine by minimizing the amount of data sent over the network and lowering RTT (Round-Trip Time). This will significantly improve user experience and allow Orbital Knight to develop interesting, immersive multiplayer games.