Eurescom Message - Summer 2022 - Extended Reality


Eurescom Message - Summer 2022

Extended Reality

Extended Reality, short XR, is getting real, moving from hyped prototypes to concrete applications for different vertical markets. With the growing capabilities of networks and cloud solutions, demanding XR applications are getting more and more the conditions they need to fulfil their potential. While many technological challenges still need to be addressed, the huge potential of XR has started to rapidly unfold.

Eurescom published a magazine featuring the following contributions:

Extended Reality
This article provides an overview of what extended reality, or short XR, actually is.

5G-enabled XR medical training 4.0
In this article, an author team from ORamaVR writes about using XR to effectively educate healthcare personnel.

The future of augmented reality gaming
This article provides insights from the Horizon 2020 CHARITY project on augmented reality gaming.

Remote collaboration will be the next key application of XR
This interview explains what XR is, what opportunities it presents, and which technologies and applications are being explored.

XR applications – The implications for networks
This article talks about XR applications and their implications for networks.

Extended reality experimentation on a 5G testbed
This article talks about XR use cases from the 5G-VINNI project done in the UK.

You find the downloadable edition in pdf format here.