New EU project CHARITY develops framework for enabling holographic applications and immersive virtual training


The next step towards immersive communication.

Heidelberg – Advanced media technologies for business and leisure, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and holographic communications, are on the rise. However, the current user experience is not yet fully immersive. This is, among others, due to the high-interactivity nature of the associated services and its requirements in terms of intensive bandwidth and extremely low latency. The new EU project CHARITY – “Cloud for Holography and Cross Reality” – will tackle these challenges by developing an open source framework and tools for the intelligent use of network resources.

CHARITY will develop a cloud architecture that will be based on edge computing solutions, autonomous orchestration of computing and network resources, application-driven interfacing, mechanisms for smart, adaptive and efficient resource management, strong community involvement, and compatibility with infrastructure vendors.

In this way, CHARITY will enable...

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The next step towards immersive communication.