Charity consortium meets for 13th Plenary Meeting


The CHARITY consortium (1) met on February 15th & 16th  in 2023 for its 13th Plenary Meeting.

The meeting took place at the Schloss Eckberg (2) in Dresden, Germany and was organized by SeeReal Technologies GmbH (3), partner of the consortium. SeeReal (SRT) is responsible for the holographic assistant use case UC1.3, adopting it’s know how about true 3D holography based on physical principles of diffraction and interference of coherent light.

First day started with a GA session followed by presentations & discussions about work packages and deliverables status. In late afternoon an excursion to SRT office provided some relaxation after a long day of meetings, there several holographic 3D displays providing true depth and eye focus like with natural viewing gave an immersed experience of the technology. The day ended with dinner in the restaurant Sophienkeller (4), in the historical inner city of Dresden.

Second day was dedicated to the consortium partners to present their work and status updates, discussing about monitoring aspects in CHARITY framework and planning next steps.



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