CHARITY project - Webinar #5: Securing the Future: Challenges ahead of XR Services and Serverless Computing


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In this webinar, ACCORDION and CHARITY projects, funded by HaDEA under #2020, will dive into the critical role of
security and its challenges in XR services and Serverless Computing. Our expert speakers will discuss these emerging technologies, their unique security challenges and best practices. Attendees will learn what to look up when building a comprehensive security posture for their XR services and will gain a deeper understanding of the risks and benefits of serverless computing regarding security. More, in this webinar, we will review current serverless architectures, abstract and categorize their founding principles, and provide an in-depth security analysis. In particular, we will show the security shortcomings of the analyzed serverless architectural paradigms; point to possible countermeasures; and highlight several research directions for practitioners, Industry, and Academia.

Join us to learn how to stay ahead of the curve and 
secure your applications.

The webinar will have the following agenda:

 - Introduction (Tarik Taleb - ICTFicial): 10 min
 - Security for cloud-based XR services (Pavel Sorokin - CloudSigma):  20min
 - Serverless computing: a security perspective (Eduard Marin - Telefonica):  20min