Charity workshop: Strategies to Exploitation


On Oct 10th 2023 the Charity project organized a workshop among its Consortium partners, with the purpose to explore its optimal strategies and paths towards the exploitation of its “crown jewels”, i.e. the results of its research and innovation activities. Exploitation ambition is to turn the technology outcomes of a research project into tangible impacts to global markets and society, encompassing commercial reuse as well as other ways to take advantage of the developed knowledge. This workshop has been an important step of the Charity roadmap aimed at creating visible innovation value, a task becoming more and more concrete as long as a research project approaches the final stage of its lifetime. It was held as a half-day event in hybrid mode, part of the agenda for a plenary project meeting to ensure best participation of the whole Consortium. The workshop was conducted in a digital post-it style, enabled by the powerful MIRO tool.

The main workshop driver was the overhaul of Charity´s exploitable assets at the current project stage, and their linkage with exploitation plans and strategies from the different consortium partners. The workshop kicked-off with a discussion on a possible sibling event also including stakeholder communities outside the project, to enhance the project through a direct interaction with the key actors to reach out.

The workshop was sectioned in 4 parts, below we summarize the main points of each section.

  • Session 1: focused on relevant market scenarios. Starting from the different use case applications present in the project, we made an assessment of the key reference markets for XR services and for infrastructure services addressing this specific class of applications. tried to understand how the project use case applications can address the market, We shared our views on the trends more significant to our project’s market landscape, looking at enabling technologies like 5G networks and emerging scenarios like the Metaverse. We made appoint on the key factors influencing the widespread take-up of XR services, like the cost of devices and user equipment. We also went through the infrastructure service market, with a special attention to the emergence of cloud-to-edge continuum as deployment environment.
  • Session 2: this was about the updated identification of exploitable assets expected from Charity, classified in two distinct categories (platform assets and XR technology enablers). We brainstormed about how these assets might support XR service providers and application developers, as individual assets as well as integrated units, thanks to the improvement they can bring to the user experience for this kind of applications
  • Session 3: covered innovation value proposition – what you might dub as the project’s business card dished to our stakeholders. This is the definition of what we are drastically innovating not from a mere technology standpoint, rather in terms of how we can change the landscape and impact the world. Ultimately, it is the core value springing out of the technology innovations offered by Charity, i.e. and advanced platform for resource orchestration and allocation during deployment of XR applications.
  • Session 4: we concluded with a more “operational” touch on our exploitation perspective, looking at how Charity’s results have the potential to enhance our business portfolios, and how the reuse of the learnings we are developing can nurture the undergoing digital transformation, by many different paths (commercial as well as further research).

Overall, this workshop represented an outstanding step to appraise the positioning of Charity in the overall landscape, and help all of us to take best advantage of its exciting technology novelties.